TRANSPLANTED celebrates the rich diversity of Scotland’s plant life and its music. In 1755                                                         Scottish Baroque composer James Oswald published ‘Airs for the Seasons’, a remarkable compendium of 96 duos for violin and cello, each depicting a different plant or flower and written on a single side of paper. Inspired by these, and using the same criteria, 8 of Scotland’s leading composers have written new miniatures exploring native plants and their many uses in society over the centuries.

this evocative recital brings the new works to life, alongside a selection of Oswald’s Airs. Set against a stunning backdrop of photographic plant portraits by Laurie Campbell.

Eight of Scotland's contemporary composers feature; David Fennessy, Martin Kershaw, Stuart MacRae, Eddie McGuire, Chris Stout, Hanna Tuulikki, David Ward and Judith Weir.


“I have found my own interactions with TRANSPLANTED to be unexpectedly thought-provoking, and it’s been energy-giving to have worked directly with the performers through all stages of the commissioning and composing process.” Judith Weir



Primrose James Oswald

Clover Eddie McGuire

Heartsease Hanna Tuulikki



Heather Bells James Oswald

Luckaminnies’ Ooo (Cotton Grass) David Ward

Sundew Judith Weir



The Changeless and the Changed (St. Kilda Dandelion) David Fennessy

Sneezewort James Oswald

Waxcap Martin Kershaw



Cladonia Bellidiflora (Lichen) Stuart MacRae

Hawthorn James Oswald

The Juniper Run Chris Stout 

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