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November 4, 2015


First published in The Herald on 4 November, 2015


Classical music is generally yonks behind other performance arts when it comes to the visuals of staging. Houselights are kept blindingly bright during concerts; musicians walk and bow and sit and dress according...

November 3, 2015


Cottiers Theatre is what I used to know as Dowanhill Parish Church. It’s one of many imposingly large churches in the West End which, when they were still churches used to depress me rather, generally looming darkly and looking very shut. It says a great deal for Glas...

October 29, 2015


I see a lot of the night.


I get up early; it’s good to write before the household has woken, though my daughter is yet to fully grasp the ‘lie in’ concept.  So, I stay up late also: it’s good to write after the household is asleep.  And then there are deadlines, which...

October 28, 2015


One performance experience in particular stands out from my time as a student at the (then) RSAMD- playing Claude Vivier's Piece pour Violoncello et Piano in the college's contemporary music festival. It is a very powerful piece, but the main reason I have such a stro...

October 18, 2015


The tagline "space to create" couldn't be more apt for Crear-as soon as you leave the A83 and wind along the single-track road past pebbly beaches and basking seals, the Crear magic starts to take hold.


Alice and I have just spent 4 days there, and once again it provi...

June 19, 2015

Preparing to go and workshop some new material with Scottish violin-cello duo High Heels and Horse Hair, the first advice they sent was, naturally, about footwear: leave the high heels at home and bring walking boots, as we’ll be working in an ecobuild bothy above Loch...

June 11, 2015

In advance of our residency at the Big Shed on Tombreck Farm Judith has written to us about the sketches she has created.


One of the ideas behind this programme is that 'nocturnal creatures generally have highly developed senses of hearing...and eyesight'. The music...

April 1, 2015


Last year we were fortunate enough to receive funding to commission Judith Weir’s ‘Sundew’ a short miniature duo written as part of TRANSPLANTED. For our 2nd year of the residency project EMS have given us the opportunity to progress this relationship further through...

March 1, 2015

When I was in Sydney visiting my brother I walked past a photography shop called Velvet Moth. It had an enormous photograph of this beautiful nocturnal creature enlarged to a size that as a passer by I could not ignore.


It led me to think about all the creatures that l...

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April 20, 2016

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