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October 22, 2019

Between June and September we have had the most enjoyable couple of days working with high school students and exploring gardens. With the support of Grow Wild and Chamber Music Scotland we were able to create our ultimate combination in an educational experience.


March 5, 2018

Our recording of Changeless and the Changed by David Fennessy has been included on new music::new Ireland 3, a promotional CD produced by the Contemporary Music Centre Ireland. 

CMC's latest album, new music::new Ireland 3, was released in February 2018 i...

June 2, 2016

The 1st of June was the grand finale of our TRANSPLANTED project with the children in p. 5 and p.6 at Carntyne Primary School. We spent the first part of the morning rehearsing each group in turn, making sure everyone remembered which instrument they had to play when,...

May 19, 2016

We started work on 9 graphic scores today. Before our young composers put pen to paper we looked at at a beautiful long graphic score that Sonia had created on a roll of wallpaper. It was all about the Nettle plant and we began the session altogether and played through...

May 12, 2016

Another beautiful morning greeted us- we're beginning to think it is always sunny at Carntyne Primary School!  The children were as enthusiastic as ever in warm up games designed to strengthen inner rhythm and ensemble playing as we passed a pulse round the circle. Thi...

April 28, 2016

Main Aims

  • Continuing on from last week, show how composers can describe the many characteristics of plants

  • Introduce concept of graphic scores

  • Divide classes into groups and lucky dip a native Scottish plant that will be the inspiration behind their own co...

April 21, 2016


The beautiful sunny morning was a great way start to our first session with P6 at Carntyne Primary.  As the students entered the room in their bright red jumpers I was pleased to hear one call out to me 'I want to learn the violin!' Their enthusiasm for the music neve...

April 20, 2016

We are taking TRANSPLANTED to a new audience, the music and the wild plants that inspired the project have proven to be a great education resource. We are grateful to have received support from the Glasgow Natural History Society GNHS and help...

November 4, 2015


First published in The Herald on 4 November, 2015


Classical music is generally yonks behind other performance arts when it comes to the visuals of staging. Houselights are kept blindingly bright during concerts; musicians walk and bow and sit and dress according...

November 3, 2015


Cottiers Theatre is what I used to know as Dowanhill Parish Church. It’s one of many imposingly large churches in the West End which, when they were still churches used to depress me rather, generally looming darkly and looking very shut. It says a great deal for Glas...

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TRANSPLANTED education project

April 20, 2016

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